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  • Sun, 05:07: Sunscreen's on before the sun's come up! Unfortunately pre-dawn is the only time that a run will (probably) not end in heatstroke.
  • Sun, 06:54: ran 6 mi http://go.nike.com/06s309cv
  • Sun, 07:06: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Six. http://t.co/dJFxJ9w
  • Sun, 09:49: RT @simonpegg: Dear magazines, please stop feeling compelled to caption every photo with an excruciating stab at witless entry level gre ...
  • Sun, 09:57: Took awhile to realize I'm not high because of post-run endorphins... but the giant cauldron of coffee I just pounded. WHEEEEE.
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